About us


Our products range covers items like a single pinion, a bevel gear set, a planetary stage, a completely reverse-engineered gear unit, to a complete machine. We provide replacement parts and completely new gearboxes to substitute original parts and old gear units, independent of original brands. We have been active in Thailand for several years, occasionally we serve customers in nearby Southeast Asian countries. Our products and service are as followings:

– All kind of gears, any sizes, any accuracy classes, any materials or heat treatment, any industrial applications, low or high speed.

– All gear types: bevel, helical, spur, planetary, worm.

– Large girth gears and pinions by P. van der Wegen Gears.

– Reverse-engineered, custom-made gearboxes, of any gear-combination like bevel-helical, spur-planetary, helical-worm.

– Gearbox housings, fabricated or cast.

– Gearbox services and overhauls.

– Supply of related parts and accessories such as shafts, bearings, seals, slew rings, couplings, brakes, backstops, lube systems, instrumentation & control, electrical or hydraulic drives, etc.

– Machinery and drive-unit development together with supplying of sub-components, on a project basis.